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3.6.08 00:06

I breathe under water




I live by the ocean

And during the night

I dive into it

Down to the bottom

Underneath all currents 

And drop my anchor

This is where I'm staying

This is my home 

19.11.07 00:27

Magic Disappearance

Looking for a way
To justify
To the world
The air I breathe
The water I drink
The life I took
The soul I wasted
Sporca sono
Togli le macchie, le imperfezioni
Io non ce la faccio
Help me out
Wipe me out 
26.10.07 01:08

I was supposed to be a rockstar and drink myself to death at the age of 25... what the hell went wrong??? 

21.10.07 05:34


to the floor
to the ground
to this world
to myself
to my body
to my soul
to my own addictions
to other people's expectations
to my secrets
to the drug
to the sickness
to the greed
to the urge
to the force
to bad habits
to hatred
to fear
to hopes and disappointments
to my daily failures
to extremes
to the obsession
to the pictures in my head
to my imperfections
to the endless emptiness
to the just punishment
to regrets
to the pain
to the pressure
to my weakness
to the consequences
to all the new starts
to my wishful thinking
to my illusions
to my jealousy
to oblivion
to bad awakenings
to this disease
17.10.07 01:01

Intellectual Kitsch

Der Pfau, in feierlichem Staunen, schlägt sein Rad,
die Taube stellt den Federkragen hoch,
vom Gurren überfüllt, dehnt sich die Luft,
der Entrich schreit, vom wilden Honig nimmt
das ganze Land, auch im gesetzten Park
hat jedes Beet ein goldner Staub umsäumt.
Der Fischd errötet, überholt den Schwarm
und stürzt durch Grotten ins Korallenbett.
Zur Silbersandmusik tanzt scheu der Skorpion.
Nimm den Weg zum fernen Erdbeerstrauch!
5.10.07 23:59




Because the fact in fact

Whatever's in front of me is covering my view

So I can't see what I'm seeing in fact

I only see what I'm looking through

5.10.07 01:05

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