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Prisoner of my own sadness

The more I think about myself the more I hate myself.

Stop me from thinking about me stop me from being with me stop me please.

Let me sleep.

5.10.07 00:49

In the afternoon

Winter came by my bedroom today
Falling in rows and covering the lane
Morning shone on my windows today 
Passing the time I slumber away
To kill all the day
Stumbling up at once
I put the kettle on
But where's the coffee gone
In the afternoon I put the TV on
But where's the drama gone
In the afternoon
And time is all that passes 
3.10.07 23:40

This life sucks

Can I try again...


30.9.07 04:51

Not travelling, not home yet

Feeling homeless

28.9.07 00:20

17. Juli 2007

Gewicht: 60,9kg

Körperfett: 24%

Kalorien: 2254kcal

Eiweiß: 42,0/40,9g

Fett: 88,5/43,2g

Kohlenhydrate: 301/179,8g

Wasser: 4525ml



60min Fahrradfahren (langsam)

Verbrauchte Kalorien: 112kcal


Kalorienbilanz: 2142kcal 

17.7.07 21:50

16. Juli 2007

Gewicht: ???

Körperfett: ???

Kalorien: 1137kcal

Eiweiß: 40,3/59,4g

Fett: 50,9/62,9g

Kohlenhydrate: 120/261g

Wasser: 3000/2000ml



60min Step-Aerobic

60min Bodyfit

Verbrauchte Kalorien: 721kcal


Kalorienbilanz: 416 

16.7.07 22:29

11. Juli 2007

Gewicht: 59,8kg (-500g)

Körperfett: 24,5%

Kalorien: 1421kcal

Eiweiß: 40,4/56,9g

Fett: 57,0/60,2g

Kohlenhydrate: 194,1/250,1g

Wasser: 4020ml



60min Joggen (Steigungslevel 4, 9,0km/h)

40min Krafttraining

Verbrauchte Kalorien: 636kcal


Kalorienbilanz: 785kcal

11.7.07 21:50

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